Monkey Fist

Our Monkey Fist key chain or wrist lanyard is made with 550 paracord wrapped around a 7/8 inch solid steel ball bearing. The length of the key chain is about 7 inches and it extends to about 14 inches. The Monkey Fist is about 1 1/4 inches wide. We use a noose knot to allow the knot to slide up and down.

  I carry it on my keys and absolutely love it. I drop my keys im my pocket and let the ball hang out. The weight and size of the steel bearing is a perfect balance for a set of keys. It makes getting your keys out of your pocket a cinch. It also would come in handy if i had to take a defensive swing at an attacker. With a 14 inch length you can really reach out and touch someone with it. They make for a great self defence weapon that has an everyday use as well.

Just pick a single color and we will get one right out to you!

Pictured above and below are four Monkey fist in OD Green, ACU, Desert Camo

and Bright Orange.


Monkey Fist
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