550 Paracord Dog Collar

We can make your dog collar in any two colors of your choice. The weave pattern is the same as the Cobra weave on the survival bracelets but they are side by side and woven together. The width of the collar is 1 3/8 wide.


Pictured is a close-up on the left of the pattern and on the left is a working Law Enforcement K-9 wearing his 550 Dog Collar.


Pictured below is another hard working, hard charging Law Enforcement Detection K-9 with a 550 paracord collar. The two colors are OD Green and Black.

            If you want your K-9 to stand out from the rest, this collar will absolutely do-it!


Color Options 

When picking your colors you can pick two different colors or stay with one color. If you want one solid color just pick the same color in the inside color and outside edge color.

 We make these collars with a heavy duty large curved plastic buckle and a metal D ring. When you are selecting the color or colors, the set up is the same as the bracelets. You pick the outside edge color as well as the inside color. You aslo have to pick the total lenght. make sure you measure your dogs neck correctly because these collars take about three hours to weave, so   THEY ARE NOT RETURNABLE.


550 Paracord Dog Collar
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